Journeys to Recovery

We have helped hundreds of people overcome their concussion symptoms and reclaim their lives. Listen to their stories below!

"I'd seen 15 doctors before
recovering thanks to this programme"

"Finally I've found someone who's implementing a holistic approach"

"The educational component of the
programme really helped me"

"Before finding you, I'd given up hope, thanks a lot guys!"

"The mindset piece has been so
helpful and interesting!"

"It is possible to recover, don't give up! Dr. Marshall and the team are amazing"

"I'm back to normal life and it's all thanks to you guys!"

"I was sick of trying new doctors every time... "

"I recovered 100% after a few months!"

"I'm so greatful this programme is online! "

"I love that you guys take an all body approach"

"Nothing i tried was helping... then i found you guys!"

"I'm no longer an injured person, I'm now a recovering person!

Thank you for this programme, I'd be lost without it!

This is how we helped Mark, Jon
and many more recover from their concussion!

We treat concussion at its core!

Many doctors fail to provide their patients with simple and clear explanations of the cause of concussion symptoms. We empower you with the knowledge to understand exactly what’s going on so you can take the RIGHT action immediately! 

"After 6 long years, I feel back
to my normal self"

Concussion Doc is literally the most knowledgeable concussion doctor around. After 6 long years of suffering with concussion symptoms he had me feeling back to my normal self within only 4 weeks! This course could have saved me so much pain and suffering!
Nazeeg Haneshian