The Concussion Fix

Knowledge is POWER!

This program is designed to empower patients with persistent post-concussion symptoms information that you can utilize to take control of your recovery!

Concussion is recoverable. But it is also confusing. Many patients experience conflicting and confusing advice and an endless cycle of referrals to neurologist after neurologist. You need to have the right knowledge in order to understand the root cause of your symptoms, and how to successfully get rid of them.

In this program you’ll learn from, and have access to experts in concussion, concussion rehab, sleep, nutrition, and mental health. You’ll also be added to our peer-support group forum where you can interact with other people going through exactly what you’re going through.

The interesting thing is that this program WORKS! And works very well! Members reduce their symptoms by an average of 50% within the first 3 weeks of joining!

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Course Includes

  • 12 Modules
  • 32 Lessons
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  1. Thank you for the evidence based course. I found it very educational. I’m feeling confident about (and doing) the diet, mindfulness, doing the neck exercise and seeing PT and Chiro for my neck (very similar exercises to what was recommended). I think I still need to see a Naturopathic dr for the hormones (they are still very messed up and endocrinologist I saw just put me on birth control but that hasnt seemed to help. My first MRI I had showed that the stalk of my pituitary gland was severed… but then they did a repeat a few months later with dye and it showed it wasnt, fortunately… but I have struggled a lot with hormones since the mva. I also struggle a lot with barometric pressure change… assuming all the dysautonomia exercises would help for that eventually? My TMJ on the left is also out but having treatment for that too now. My mva was in 2014 but I’ve been hit from behind twice since then as well… so I feel like I make progress and then backtrack a bit… but I’ve kept working, managing a house and 2 kids etc by pacing. After my mva in 2014 I eventually had vision therapy that helped tremendously with my headaches and double vision. I was also diagnosed with vestibulopathy and had some vestibular therapy. I think doing the proprioception exercises will help tremendously… I get off balance in the dark. Of course my symptoms are day and night from the initial MVA… and I’m hopeful by continuing what you’ve recommended in this program I’ll keep progressing. Thanks again.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Natalie! We hope you find it helpful. As you mentioned it may give you benefit to follow the CFix plan but also be a spring board to you getting more specific care that you need (i.e. hormones, proprioception etc.)

    1. Hi Rebekah,

      We have some people in Calgary but I think the best bet is to go through the program to first find out the main symptom drivers for you. This will help you narrow down who you need to see! And we’ll help you with that 🙂

  2. Where can I find the list of concussion professionals in my area? I am logged in when looking through the app.

  3. I was slow to complete the course, but I feel I am now back to normal! I wish this course had been available in 2015 when I suffered my concussion. I was well on the way to healing when I started this course. Based on what I’ve learned before on my journey, CCMI is definitely the correct way to go. Hang in there!

  4. I enrolled in the program because I have recurring headaches, pressures, back pains, and fatigue despite the manual therapy sessions a year ago and do the exercises. I was relieved then, but I wondered why I was having the same issue now and then, and worst, it woke me up in my sleep. Nevertheless, this concussion management program is impressive. It offered complete information that helped me know the root cause of my issues, which is neck dysfunction. The good thing is, I know what to do about it and what to avoid, especially with the concussion diet and about the sleep. Therefore, it pays to complete the program; it cleared out my worries. The learning I had were excellent. Thank you Dr. Cam, Dr Paul and Melinda for being part of my journey!

  5. I wouldn’t have ever found my way through the maze of the multiple complex confusing symptoms I was experiencing and figure out the numerous people I needed on my team to heal from this! It is literally the hardest thing I have ever done, and you were right all along, looking back I can feel that I had let a number of troubling health things slide as if they had no consequence but I was wrong even though I could get through my days I didn’t feel good in my body and there were warnings, the concussion just made it impossible to function. Everything just shut down and it was impossible to reboot without the right help. “Doing the hard things” the ones that provoked my symptoms were the way through… you help saved my life! I have been on this program for one year, when I would get stuck at a plateau I would find the next clue through your Lives or program videos or resources videos and then I knew how to proceed. I have a good team (hands and hearts) and I know I can call on you all again when the next thing happens; I am not afraid anymore. I survived this… I can survive anything and help others at the same time! I love you guys with my entire heart for this most beautiful gift 🎁

    1. Manon – Happy new Year! What an incredible message. Thank you. As Cam said, it was all of your hard work, day by day you made improvements. We are so happy you have made such big improvements and we wish you the best in 2022!

  6. Thank you to each of the instructors! I have been on this journey a long time and I have never felt this empowered before or this good! So thank you! Thank you for the tools, the knowledge, the exercises and the hope! It took me awhile to get through the course but I am so thankful I did. Thank you!

    1. Hi Deb – I’m not sure if there’s anywhere to print the results on this platform, but what you can do is simply google “SCAT 5” and download a copy of it and fill it out whenever you like 🙂