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The Concussion Fix program is designed to empower post concussion symptom patients with information to help restore their functioning and improve their quality of life!

Concussion is recoverable. But it is also confusing. Many patients experience conflicting and confusing advice and an endless cycle of referrals to neurologist after neurologist.

Imagine having the knowledge to better understand the root cause of your symptoms , and a care plan to follow to help restore your day-to-day functioning, decrease symptoms and re-engage in your life in a meaningful way! That is what we are here for!

In the Concussion Fix program you’ll learn from, and have access to experts in concussion, concussion rehab, sleep, nutrition, and mental health. You’ll also be added to our peer-support group forum where you can interact with other people going through exactly what you’re going through.

What our data shows is that this program is EFFECTIVE! Members reduce their symptoms by an average of 50% within the first 3 weeks of joining!

The current program is called the Concussion Fix Kickstarter and it is designed to allow you an opportunity to look under the hood of the Concussion Fix program to see what it’s all about and see if it might be something you want to add to your recovery toolkit.

In the Kickstarter program you will have a sneak peak into the full Concussion Fix program for the next 7 days. We hope that you join us for the full program and see for yourself how it can help you; just like we have helped hundreds of other PCS patients!

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    1. Hi Janine, the pituitary produces hormones can be impacted after a TBI. In some cases they can recover and it usually has to do with how severe the head injury is. They should be replaced (like GH) and that can be a solution to resolve symptoms which is key to recovery. So, yes you can heal after a brain injury once you replace to hormones that have been affected.

    1. Yes! Sleep is an important piece of the recovery picture – especially deep sleep as this is when your brain clears a ton of inflammation. Uncontrolled sleep apnea (which is common in PCS) prevents you from reaching deep sleep – and therefore clearing inflammation. If you don’t hit deep sleep, you are also tired, fatigued, foggy, cognitively slowed etc. So if you are having these symptoms, many attribute them to “concussion” or ongoing “brain injury” when in fact, they are signs of neuroinflammation. This is why this program focuses on treating the underlying causes of issues. Sleep is a big one!

  1. Thank you so much for the education. I am seriously considering taking the full course and hope you would be able to answer my question.

    After getting a ball to the left side of my head 6 months ago, and getting a heavy setback over a month ago I am currently unable to do almost anything except of walking around the house and watching birds. Due to your videos I realised that I most probably have PCS which gave me piece mind (despite the doctor who at first sight wanted to diagnose it as a burnout). I am able to go to a neurologist at the middle of January.

    One of the strongest symptoms which is getting more during concentrating is pressure in my ears and a heavy click/pressure feeling just as you experience in an airplane. Most of the times this goes hand in hand with headache but is always starting in/around my ears. What could this be? And can this indeed be related to PCS, if so does it get addressed in the full concussion fix program?

    Have a great Christmas you all!
    With kind regards, Roos

    1. Hi Roos,

      Glad you tried out the Kickstarter. The funny thing is that burnout and PCS go hand in hand. The same autonomic pressures on the nervous system cause it to eventually crash. So even if it WAS burnout, this program would address it too :). The symptoms you are describing could be due to autonomic dysregulation as mentioned above…could be due to neuroinflammation…could be due to neck and/or TMJ issues – OR it could be a combination of all of the above! The C-Fix program is specifically designed to help you figure out which one(s) are driving the issue and teach you how to get rid of it 🙂


  2. I am curious to know if concussion symptoms can “relapse” or “reoccur”? I have had a few concussions in my life, and recovered fully. Back to work full time and healthy and active. But when under stress (Eg grief, traumatic life event, major travel) I get symptoms again. Is this actually concussion or is it likely that there is something else going on in my body that should be investigated? While the symptoms are similar to concussion, they are also similar to other diseases! (And really the way forward in health is always about addressing all the areas holistically whether concussion or other disease, so maybe it doesn’t matter but I am curious to have your opinion.)

    1. Hi Linda, yes this can happen but this NOT a concussion. There are number of factors that can trigger this but mainly it’s neural pain patterns, anxiety/stress, hormones and inflammation that can trigger these symptoms. Overtime this should become less pronounced as you FULLY heal. Many people recovery from the ‘symptoms” of their concussion but not fully from the physiological and psychological impact of the concussion. The CFix program can help you get after those deeper patterns.

  3. Concussions have left me computer stupid and I struggle to connect and I struggle with sign up I have no payment accounts attached to phone went bankrupt I am concerned about 14 day trial ??? I have been left for dead by neurologists best ahead is PET SCAN is that going to show anything ??? I am burntout can’t think straight and not sure where to go here in Canada for help,?
    I have no life don’t sleep PTSD and nightmares of 6 yrs of this insurance company issues legal issues to prove waaaay to overwhelmed and no one understands what this did to me
    Fear huge factor for I have whiplash and nerve impingement in neck numbing both arms I am devestated with no advocate to walk with me I’m like a walking zombie at this point and don’t understand why I can still drive but house is untouched for 3 yrs unmanageable night sweats horrific…HELP !!!!

    1. The concussion Fix program is the BEST place to start. It’s by far the most cost effective thing to do considering your situation. You will have to figure out financial access issues. Maybe start with that as a priority and [email protected] can be a great resource to assist in getting signed up.