Concussion Fix Kickstarter

Knowledge is POWER!

The Concussion Fix program is designed to empower patients with persistent post-concussion symptoms information that you can utilize to take control of your recovery!

Concussion is recoverable. But it is also confusing. Many patients experience conflicting and confusing advice and an endless cycle of referrals to neurologist after neurologist.

You need to have the right knowledge in order to understand the root cause of your symptoms, and how to successfully get rid of them.

In the Concussion Fix program you’ll learn from, and have access to experts in concussion, concussion rehab, sleep, nutrition, and mental health. You’ll also be added to our peer-support group forum where you can interact with other people going through exactly what you’re going through.

The interesting thing is that The Concussion Fix program WORKS! And works very well! Members reduce their symptoms by an average of 50% within the first 3 weeks of joining!

The current program is called the Concussion Fix Kickstarter and it is designed to allow you an opportunity to look under the hood of the Concussion Fix program to see what it’s all about and see if it might be something you want to add to your recovery toolkit.

In the Kickstarter program you will have a sneak peak into the full Concussion Fix program for the next 7 days. We hope that you join us for the full program and see for yourself how it can help you; just like we have helped hundreds of other PCS patients!

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Course Includes

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    1. Hi Janine, the pituitary produces hormones can be impacted after a TBI. In some cases they can recover and it usually has to do with how severe the head injury is. They should be replaced (like GH) and that can be a solution to resolve symptoms which is key to recovery. So, yes you can heal after a brain injury once you replace to hormones that have been affected.